Obama and the link between globalization

Obama’s visit into the country was a one in a lifetime moment for both Kenyans and Residents of this great nation. Prior to his visit, the amount of money spent in beautifying the city, companies’ adverts in both radios and television welcoming him, the social media’s hype among others reaffirmed that this was indeed a great moment and no ordinary man.

I was not affected by the Obama fever or thought I wasn’t until the landing of Air Force One. The excitement that got into me is something I am unable to explain to this point and from thereafter, my weekend was spent in front of the TV.

I was amazed by his charisma and presence, inspired and challenged by his speeches and humbled by his own humility and what GOD had done in this common man’s life.

Focusing on the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, I was puzzled by the number of so-called Entrepreneurs or Innovators (and equally annoyed by the way those 2 distinct words were interchanged).

The fact that the Summit welcomed individuals from all over the globe showed the globalization aspect of businesses. The funders had all modern ideologies and a different way of looking at our continent and its potential.  Obama indicated that 3 regional offices of the Young African Leadership Initiative will be opened in Kenya, South Africa and Mali representing the 2 main linguistic zones in Africa.

According to Fujio Mitarai, ‘Diversification and globalization are the keys to the future’ A belief that we equally share. With the changing environment (internal and external) of organizations, our services at Transolution Services focus on diversification for globalization. Information is power. The lack of information can leave people powerless and limit them from making effective decisions.  The ability to solve some of the world’s biggest issues is often hindered on the inability to access information in one’s native language. We bridge the communication gap by providing fast, convenient and reliable translation services. #TransolutionServices




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