Transolution Services provides self-awareness training and coaching for individuals, corporate and schools. A global business partner of Clarity 4D, we believe that better organizations can only come about as a result of its people being at their best potential. Designed for 3 specific groups, our training programmes are personalized and driven on innovation. We continuously work with local and international organizations to understand the need of employers and empower mindset.

  • Shifting Landscape (SL): is a self-awareness and self-management training programme for young people between the ages of 14 and 20 years old. It helps them understand themselves and others better, and guide their thoughts and decision making.
  • Discover You (DiY): is a self-awareness and self-management training programme for young adults. Based on innovative techniques, the training derives from the need of young people and the demand of the market.
  • Leaders’ Growth Training (EGT): our training sessions help individuals understand the behaviour expected of them to meet the requirements of different situations and add value to the organization by strengthening their workforce. Our key areas include: leadership, team building, sales and customer service.
  • 3rd Ngong Avenue, Upper hill Garden, E03, Nairobi, Kenya
  • +254 735 870 149
  • +254 722 870 149
  •  P.O Box 76245-00508 Nairobi
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