Our courses are broken down into various modules and each module customized to the need of the client.  The course is divided as a weekly session of 3 hours, on a time and day agreed with the client.

The object of the module  is to charge the participants and ensure they are committed to the outcomes of the training programme in line with their vision.


Module 1: Understanding entrepreneurship and company registration

  • Benefits of entrepreneurships
  • Difference between entrepreneur and other businesses
  • Forms of business ownership
  • Statutory requirements for opening a business and ensure compliance

Module 2: Financial Management

  • Working Capital Management
  • Financing Decisions
  • Capital Investment Decision

Module 3: Business and Strategic Planning

  • Funding your start-up
  • Identify resources to operate your business
  • Business plan

Module 4: Operations and Value Chain Management

  • Concepts of Operation Management
  • Concepts of Value Chain Management

Module 5: Marketing and Business Communication

  • Value
  • Networking
  • Business Canvas Model

Module 6: Human Resource Management

  • Managing Staffing Needs
  • Staff Recruitment Process
  • Motivating, Rewarding and Developing Staff
  • Evaluating Staff Performance
  • SME & HR regulations

Course Cost: USD:300