Personal Development

Our courses are broken down into various modules and each module customized to the need of the client.  The course is divided as a weekly session of 3 hours, on a time and day agreed with the client.

The object of the module  is to charge the participants and ensure they are committed to the outcomes of the training programme in line with their vision.


Module 1: Self-identity and awareness

  • Clarity 4D: 1st and 2nd Dimension

Module 2: Magnetic north

  • Personal Profiling and Emotional Intelligence

Module 3: Connecting with your destiny

  • Life purpose

Know Your Unique Design
Know Your Inner Super Powers
Know What’s in Your Toolbox
Know Your Roadmap  

Module 4: Personal Leadership

  • Recognising and developing your best
  1. Self-Assessment: Leadership skills. Eg: Creatrix Inventory/Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  2. Role model presentation
  3. Leadership attributes: Why do you like the role model indicated earlier?
  4. Consensus Building
  5. Practice leadership in day-to-day interactions

Module 5: Personal Branding

Course Cost: USD:300