Changing the world yes, but family first

The unending struggle between career and family is reinventing the way we live and affecting the next generation. Working hours have extended beyond the official 8am to 5pm. Workloads are carried in the homes practically every single day. Business meetings have also extended to social places.

On average, parents spend 3.5 hrs a week of uninterrupted time with their children. While we are working, busy changing the world, we ignore the fact that the foundation of our society is built primarily in the homes.

Our work at Transolution Services is to partner with parents to equip young people and develop them into all rounded teenagers and adults. We understand that parenting is subjective and work with parents to develop and reinforce the skills of young people. Every next level of their lives will demand different personalities.

Through a course dubbed “Shifting Landscape” which covers 9 critical topics in 9 months, we build the mental health, self-confidence and the career of young people between the ages of 14 to 20 years.

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