Disability is not Inability

“If I must die a poor man, then let it be because I have worked hard and done my best without success. Let it be because, every single day, I diligently worked during the hottest time of the day to bargain with my customers and show them the quality of my products; better yet, let it be while being harassed by the city’s askaris.

Whatever the case, let it never be because of my condition. I want to leave a legacy my children will be proud of. I want them to appreciate the value of hard work and the fact that their father never begged in the street but provided for his family. I want them to be proud to say that they went to school and that they live in a society where opportunities are available to all, irrespective of physical challenges. I want to live and die a hero!” These were the last sentences Dennis altered before a client entered into his shop. We bid him farewell and left.

Dennis is a businessman with a shop in Nairobi downtown area: city market. When Dennis contacted us early last year, his face was pale, he was down and wanted to close his business. Behind the pale face was, however, a feeling of despair. Dennis had more challenges than he was willing to share. We eventually came to realize that his handicap was affecting his self-esteem. Dennis became handicapped after a terrible road accident which cost him his two legs Despite the support of his wife and two children, Dennis was depressed and attempted suicide.

Dennis enrolled in our coaching sessions to build his self-esteem and attended several pieces of training to upscale his business. Dennis was a joyful soul and was blessed to have a strong support system to take him through the challenges of life. His family was his stronghold but Transolution provided guidance. After attending a number of sessions, Dennis became a different man. He later sent us the following email, “……thank you for making me realize my inner strength. The sessions reinforced my zeal for life. They helped me see myself like any other human being: loved, blessed and delighted about the future. The sessions helped me see the beauty in my struggle and most importantly, to never feel sorry about myself. Disability is not inability.”

Dennis runs a successful second-hand clothes store at City Market and is eager to grow the brand locally and internationally.  This reminds us of the words of Helen Keller:” your success and happiness lie in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.”

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