International day of friendship “Sharing the human spirit through friendship.”

When the word friendship is mentioned what comes to your mind? To many people, this is a word that triggers mixed emotions.

Building friendship usually comes naturally because of early socialization. We have all experienced friendship in different ways. To many of us, we have loved and felt loved, we have shared a part of ourselves materially and emotionally, we have expressed ourselves and enjoyed the beautiful moments  that come with having friends.

Some of us still have childhood friends; others met new friends along the way. It goes without saying that friendships is like glue that holds people together. However, not everybody has had a good experience in building strong relationship. Some of us have found ourselves in friendships that caused pain and anguish, outlining the importance of choosing friends wisely. A wise man said: ‘’show me your friend and I’ll show you who you are.’’ Having friends is not all about knowing people, as a matter of fact, we might know many people but have few friends. It is rather about forming a strong connection and bond with the few people we know.

Friendship is not only important to individuals but also to organizations and nations. It is through relationship that partnerships are made and nations collaborate for economic and social development.

 The international day of friendship is celebrated on 30th July every year to acknowledge the value of friendships and the idea that friendship brings peace among individuals and nations. It is a wakeup call to value and keep good friends, put effort to ensure that these friendships are meaningful and strong, and-to always forgive and support each other.

During this day, we are also urged to celebrate each other’s wins and console one another in difficult times to bridge the gaps between race, language and culture. This is more important inthese challenging times when the world is complicated. We ought to, to cultivate and value friendships despite different races, cultures or tribes. We may be different in our own ways but we are one people.  We shouldn’t allow differences to harbor negative internal feelings as they can be dangerous to humanity. Nobody chooses where to be born.  As we interact, let us see one another as one people and embrace each other’s uniqueness.

This year, the theme for international friendship day is, “Sharing the human spirit through friendship” “Friendship among nations, as among individuals, calls for constructive efforts to muster the forces of humanity in order that an atmosphere of close understanding and cooperation may be cultivated.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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