International Women’s Day 2022: Break The Bias

It’s March 8th again, time to adorn our purple outfits and take to social media, or the streets, or whatever activities we participate in to support gender equality the world over.

In a short span of time, we have witnessed the swearing in Martha Koome as Kenya’s first female Chief Justice, Kamala Harris as America’s first female vice president and the assumption of Samia Suluhu Hassan as the president of the republic of Tanzania.

These are just three of a burgeoning number of women breaking glass ceilings and challenging traditional stereotypes. It’s been a long and arduous journey, from colonial times, to suffragette demonstrations, to the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. We celebrate women’s achievements throughout the years, even as experts predict that it will be 2099 before all genders are considered equal at home, in the workplace, at religious organizations and everywhere else.

For the most part, men have reacted to the gender equality question very differently: sometimes with hostility, misunderstanding, indifferently or positively, albeit silently. On the other hand a section of feminists have been known to take a hard stance, making it out to seem like the challenge of fighting for equality rests with women alone.

That is why this year we would like to encourage solidarity between men and women in recognizing that, it is only through our combined efforts that we can break the bias. For the men, showing solidarity and acknowledging that we live in a patriarchal world would go a long way in establishing equality. It will encourage giving girls and women equal opportunities in leadership, sports and businesses by those in decision-making positions. Women also need to give men a chance and a voice in the fight. They should recognize that success is dependent on inclusivity.

Here at Transolution Services we are champions in the fight for gender equality, evidenced in our youth coaching and training. We stand in solidarity with the rest of the world as we say, “Break the Bias!”

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