International Youth Day 2022: Intergenerational solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages.

You are only young once, and if you work it right, once is enough – Joe E. Lewis

Being a youth is an interesting time to be at. Beyond the possibility and potentiality, an over emphasis on leadership has been propelled in recent years, showcasing the untapped dreams that can be utilized. Youthfulness is a season of life that is filled with hope, excitement, and dreams. Yet, this can also be a very confusing stage as it involves a lot of decision making and the anxious anticipation to do different things, at once.

In today’ world the evolution of technology has seen young people learn different skills and acquire knowledge. Parents and guardians understand better that they need not only to support their children’s education, but also to support their talents. This has seen young people being recognized nationally and internationally for discoveries and innovations. It is amazing what youths can accomplish when given the opportunities to discover and pursue their unique abilities.

However, young people often find themselves as prey of negative vices such as:

  • indulgence in drugs
  • unemployment
  • involvement in crime
  • sexuality
  • exposure to violence at home or in the community

The World Health Organization has raised concerns about Youth violence which include  cyber bullying, physical fighting, sexual assault and homicide. In recent times, this cases have been on the rise hence rendering the youth vulnerable. Governments are urged to put in place policies to ensure the youths are protected, and their rights, respected.

The International Day of Youths is celebrated on 12th august every year to commemorate the qualities of young people and recognize the challenges that the youth of today face. Young people have been making a lot of contributions in education, environmental conservation, conflict resolution and employment. On the other hand, youths also need to believe in themselves. There is a pressing need to enable employment opportunities, political seats and entrepreneurship to enable the youth to take their rightful place in decision making and enhance social-economic justice. There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.

This year’s World Youth Day theme is “: Intergenerational solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages. “ It focuses on raising awareness on intergenerational conversations by bringing together older and younger generations to create shared knowledge, meaning and a collective experience for sustainable development.

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